A Family That Loves To Create

We Love What We Do. It's Who We Are! Growing up with a passion for soccer, I and the Just For Kicks family are blessed to continue to be a part of the soccer community; the never ending family that surrounds us. Growing up soccer was a huge part of my family's life. It brought our family closer and it taught me many unforgettable lessons. Its where some of my best lifelong friends were made, tears were shed, and championships were won. With over 15 years of experience we look out for our community. We want to improve everyone's soccer experience so they can grow up with the memories that they can share from generation to generation. Success is no accident. It's hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and the love of what you are learning to do. We strive to be successful and we listen to our customers to strive to be the best. Thank You to all who have supported us. We appreciate you all!
Our Goal Is To Create & Employ Honest Work Growing up I was always taught to do things right, never cut corners, and hold true to my word. That's exactly how we run our business. We want our customers to feel like friends. Being in business for over 15 years we are constantly changing and listening to how we can improve our business and improve the soccer community around us. Over the years we have found that the best way to improve is listening and we want to hear what you think we can do to improve! We want to bring you quality goods at a great price. We would rather make less so you can get everything you need and more.
MORE THAN JUST SOCCER!!!! We Specialize in soccer, but we do so much more! We do apparel for...well just about anything! We do all sports and offer much more than what is presented on our website. We do anything from taking your design to creating your ideas from scratch. Anything from your local BBQ event to business apparel to your football mom & dad hoodies! When you think of custom and unique we want you to think of Just For Kicks. Check out some of our clothing lines on our "Our Apparel Line" page and check out some of the things we can do. We make awesome personal and fun gifts for everyone!

Put Your Apparel/Event/Clothing Line Through Our Site


Have you checked out some of the links on our home page??? Well if not you should! Ill give you a second....

Do you like what you see? Well if you have a fundraiser, event, or clothing line you want to promote through us you might qualify to your your event/apparel through us!


Planning on a charity event? Stay organized by sending people to your own link. Have them order and pay Online without the hassle of collecting hundreds of orders forms and money.


Although we focus on temporary charities, fund-raisers, or other team apparel setups we would also like to offer a few spots for local designers to launch their own line of apparel. Your designs, we make the shirts, and we both profit in the end. Must contact us via email to see if you qualify.


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